Twiggy Lawson.

Let us set the spotlight on London’s very own Leslie Hornby, now famously known as Twiggy Lawson. Known as “The Face of 1966”, 16 year old  Leslie Hornby became one of the biggest fashion icons in the world.

Twiggy is an activist of the animal welfare, an anti-fur campaign activist and a supporter of breast cancer research.

She is my hero.windletwiggytwiggy11172698953_fseventeen5201414187_150554257ctwiggy-beautiful-belles-photo-twotwiggy09twiggydm0509_468x575

“Life is about making choices: you can either spend three quid on a glossy magazine or you can spend it clearing three square metres of minefield and help give people their lives back. As simple as that. “



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2 responses to “Twiggy Lawson.

  1. Susie

    Her’s and my hair match

  2. Love the article. I share your love of Twiggy. Check out my makeup how-to on her:

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